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Quarter Round & Wall Base
Quarter Round
& Wall Base

Baby Threshold & T-Molding
Baby Threshold
& T-Molding

Reducer Strips & Step Downs
Reducer Strips
& Step Downs

We recommend several different species:
red oak,
white oak,
white ash
and hickory,

each offering its own distinct grain visual.

Floor Moldings For The Finishing Touch

Coordinated transitions: choose from a variety of molding types designed to give any transition area a fine finish perfectly coordinated with your flooring designs. You can match your floor or you can create drama by adding a personal flair with a contrasting color.

Fill the gap at doorways and finish spaces between two areas of laminate flooring. Create a clean look, and allow for heat and humidity changes that naturally make floors expand and contract.

Baby Threshold
Finishes the space where laminate flooring ends when quarter round molding or wall base cannot be used - such as sliding glass doors, along wall bases, or door thresholds. The finished edges also make this a great choice with higher flooring surfaces such as carpet.

Stair Nose Profiles
The durability of laminate flooring makes a great choice for staircases, step-downs and landings. Available in most wood designs to give a quality finish to exposed outer edges.

Quarter-Round Moldings
The classif finish to your wood design floor, used where wall and flooring meet.

Reducer Strips
Used to make a smooth transition from your laminate floor to another type of flooring, particularly that of a lower height.

Optional Track System
Allows for an easy and clean installation of certain moldings. Contact us for more details.

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